Transitioning to Healthy…AGAIN!

So this week saw the start of yet another journey to weight loss, but this time I am more focused on the health side of things. Going through menopause, I have lost a lot of my energy, stamina, joy, wellness, and just feel like a bag of crap allll the time and I am over it. I am overweight, overtired, overworked, underpaid , unwell, unhappy and this crap has to end. How does a bloody part of normal life cycle, become sooo debilitating. If Eve hadn’t have eaten that damn apple things would be so much different, She and I are going to have very strong words when I get to Heaven LOL!

So what am I doing……I bought some super foods, Black Maca, Bee Pollen and a mix called Divine Woman good for women going through menopause, oh and a protein shake for meal replacement. The common factor of all these is brain health, energy, and improved immune function. My memory is actually getting worse so it’s time to do something about that.

What I have been doing every morning around 10am is making a smoothie from frozen bananas, ice, chocolate almond milk and then a teaspoon of each of these powders. The taste is ok but when you are a sugar freak like me it takes a bit of getting used to. I make 2 smoothies a day, the second one I take around 2ish and that is lunch, I don’t put the powders in the second one because they are to be taken once a day only.

I have to be honest and say this journey is going to be rough because I am not loving not eating the foods I am accustomed to, I am not loving the flavor of the smoothies but I am just telling myself to suck it up and drink it. I have a proper meal at night which I really look forward to and I have reduced the size of that meal. I am not sure how sustainable this diet is and I am definitely going to research other ways without giving myself a false sense of security by eating food deemed ‘healthy’. There is so much sugar hidden in healthy food so I will have to be careful. I read somewhere once that giving up sugar is likened to giving up cocaine, that’s how bad it is for us.

The other thing I have started which I love/hate is walking of an afternoon. I live on a very large cattle property so walking in peace is no problem and I used to do it a lot but then got lazy. I am pushing myself to take the dogs for a walk every afternoon and while the surroundings are beautiful I really hate exercise LOL! You know, it’s no wonder I am overweight, I hate everything that is healthy and good for my body ugh!

So I will keep you updated on this journey of mine, which ever way I end up doing this, I AM DOING THIS, I am using my Facebook page as my diary, a way to keep me accountable and in turn, it might help other ladies who are wanting to address their own health issues. I read somewhere that ALL our health problems stem from poor gut flora, so I want to give mine the best shot a healing.

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