Essential Oils – Which One?

Well I am a Doterra girl through and through but there comes a time in life when you just have to try the opposition which I have done with many companies. Well that time has come again, I am trying another oil company that seems to be legit, time will tell. This new company isn’t an MLM which makes their oils significantly cheaper, the problem is does it make their oil QUALITY significantly cheaper as well? Being in Australia, the new company is in America so shipping will be a big issue for me and how long it takes to get here. Doterra is probably one of the worst shipping times out of everything I have tried and they have a warehouse here in Australia. Shipping with Doterra can take up to 2 weeks to get here which is really slack! It was like this before covid so its not a covid issue.

So I ordered a started pack which is 8 oils for $127AUD which is really good value, they are only 10ml bottles and with that order I got a free rose roll on, which in my opinion will have a very small amount of actual rose oil in it. Doterra’s Rose roll on is $110 and not too many get given away! But benefit of the doubt time here, we will see. The other thing I don’t like about non MLM is you don’t have the opportunity to earn free oils or even money for that matter. MLM is an opportunity for income for those who want to take it.

So we will see how this new product goes, if I love it then I may make the change, mainly for financial reasons, and if I can find something cheaper for people to use that is of the same quality, then why wouldn’t I share that?

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