Who Doesn’t Love Freebies!

So I have moved teams in Doterra from my former upline to my current one, mainly because my previous team were whacked out hippies only interested in their sisterhood of crap and not the science and effective, safe, correct use of essential oils. But before I changed teams I had points to spend that I have been saving over the last few months. I decided the best value for my points was to get the kids collection which is 6 amazing oils. Even though they are the kids range and diluted to suit children, they still work really well in adults. I will keep these on my shelf for when the grandkids come over and may need to use them!

How did I get my points? Doterra have a programme called the Loyalty Rewards Programme or LRP which bascially means what is says. You get rewarded for being a loyal customer with doterra. This is a monthly programme and every product you purchase carries a point value which is usually the same as dollar value unless you are in Australia. Save these points up and you can buy those products that you want but can’t afford in a normal monthly order. I usually buy kits with my points because they are better value. You can even use your points to cover your monthly order! It’s just one of the many way Doterra rewards you for your loyalty to their products and their company.


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