Have I Shown You These….

As a creative person I am always working on a hundred different projects. It helps give me a release from real estate and regroup myself as a person. Real estate is very stressful and dealing with the public all day every day can be quite challenging and soul draining. Sewing is my outlet and these latest products are proving to be a wonderful hit with the public.

SOCK SAVERS (also known as gaiters) – who knew that this simple idea of keeping rocks and dirt from getting into your boots would be such a great seller! I have kept them very affordable so everyone can buy them and the postage is double what I charge but that’s ok. I make them from a cotton canvas which is very durable and hard wearing. Cotton fabric doesn’t do the job as well I find it is a bit too light.

So whether you work on a farm, in the garden or you are a bushwalker my sock savers will help you look super funky as well as keeping your boots from of debris!

You can view more of these super cool sock savers at my online store at http://www.nanscollective.com

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