The About Me Page, Always The Hardest…..

There is so much that goes into starting a new blog, so much thinking, so much time, so much creativity but to me the hardest part is the ‘About’ page. I don’t like talking about myself, it’s really not that interesting, I have a hard time these days resonating with people, I put it down to menopause, I really do, before ‘Meno’ I was quite normal, these days, normal comes and goes LOL! Maybe you will be drawn to me, I hope so, I have a heart for encouraging women going through tough times. I walk the Faith walk because that is what has helped me the most, it truly has, without God and Jesus, life would just be so shit, because it was! I still swear/cuss a little but I am a work in progress and Jesus knows that, I have definitely come a long way.

Menopause is a tough journey and a lot of women still feel they will be judged to talk about it. I say pfft to that, we need to talk about it, we need to discuss our problems with our husbands, we need to discuss our bodies and what the heck is happening, and sometimes and outside ear is better than one close to home. I have used several things to get through the last 8 years, I don’t use HRT and probably never will, it’s just not something I have entertained. I use essential oils, food, drink a tonne of water and until recently used to walk a lot. There are things you can do naturally to support yourself through this, as I have done, but I hold no judgement for those who don’t go the natural route.

So welcome ladies, I look forward to getting to know you and please go and join my Facebook page if you haven’t already.

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