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Hi friends, welcome to my little space on the big wide web. My name is Helene, I am a farmers wife, have 4 amazing adult children and so far 7 beautiful grandkiddos. I am a Real Estate Agent by day, blogger by night and huge essential oil enthusiast by day AND night! We have 14 dogs, 12 of which are working dogs, the other 2 are working at annoying me every day LOL! My husband and I have been together since we were young teens, the trials and triublations have gotten us to a point in our lives where pretty much nothing can or will hurt our marriage or relationship, we are too old for the crap now! He is my best friend, literally and even though he annoys the crap out of me a lot of the time I could not doing life without him. My life hitting 50 has been tough, menopause is such a thief, but as women, we are strong and durable and we will get through this as well!

Why am I different to the others you might ask? Well I listen for a start…..

Point 1 – Hello I Listen!

Too often we are fobbed off if we don’t ask the right questions or if those questions can be uncomfortable but I think if you are genuine, then there is an issue you need help with. I can guarantee if I don’t know the answer I am going to help you find it. I don’t believe in leaving people flailing about trying to work stuff out that I could quite easily help you with.

Point 2 – Bring the Faith

I am a person of Faith, this may or may not suit you but without Faith I would be nothing. Being a woman of faith is not to be feared, it is to embrace the power within to do big and scary things and know we aren’t alone on this ride. Being a person of faith doesn’t mean I am going to be preaching and shoving religion down your throat, that’s not how I roll, but it does give you an advantage of my prayers over your businesses!

Point 3 – Love What You Do

I love Doterra and the difference it is making in the world. It’s Co-Impact Sourcing model partners with farmers in third world countries providing employment to many communities, making sure they get fair pay and conditions and making a real difference in the lives of many impoverished people. Doterra are building relationships, communities and providing some of life’s most basic needs to these people. Sharing a product that you truly believe in is a big part of the success of your business.

If any of that resonates with you then I invite you to join me and become a part of my Doterra team. Together we can make a difference to our lives and the lives of others.

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