How to Overcome Irrational Anger….

How many of you experience irrational anger on a regular basis? I am trying really hard to focus on other things than on those things that don’t matter but sometimes someone will irritate you to the point of you wanting to punch a hole through their throats! Yes I know, not very Christian of me, trust me I repent a LOT! Anger is a side effect of menopause, but for me, it’s part of who I am, I have no tolerance for crap, I am impatient and stupid people are just too much for me to bear. Menopause has magnified all of those really bad traits of mine and I am learning to slowly let go of things that don’t serve me well.

Today my husband comes home and tells me about an incident with our neighbors AGAIN! We just keep the peace and don’t say anything, put up with their dumb crap and try to live quietly. Well today after they moved our wheelie bin in to the middle of our grid causing a traffic hazard we have just about had enough and I have been devising ways to ‘get them’. Maybe I could fill their mailbox with fresh cow poo, maybe I could throw it on their roof, maybe on my way past I will hit their bin with my bullbar and send it flying or maybe I could etc etc. These things make my blood boil and I just want to lash out, my hubby is the same, he has put up and put up and even though the both of us know this is the devil derailing us we could care less at this point, we want revenge LOL! This is where the problem lies of not relying on the Word of God and not having enough of it in our hearts. This is what happens when you pray ‘quickly’ and don’t give God the respect we should, satan comes a knocking and we aren’t full enough to laugh in his face.

So what do we do? Well my hubby has gone back to work to find one of the bosses to put up some security cameras so we can catch them in the act and I said a really quiet prayer asking for forgiveness for plotting pain on my neighbor. I have repented and I am now trying to move on and focus on other things. Shifting your focus is going to be the best way to overcome your irrational anger. Take your mind off that, take a moment to breathe and get on with the rest of your day. Controlling your mind, bringing it into alignment, is a critical part of surviving menopause and irrational anger cause by menopause. Good luck ladies!

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