Ingesting Yes or No?

Here we have another controversial topic around essential oil use but I think it’s a discussion for those who are on the fence. This post is for the ‘No’ vote, so if you vote ‘Yes’ this may not be for you or, it could show you the potential dangers of ingesting essential oils, even those that are part of a food range.

We have all heard the argument, oils are from nature they won’t hurt you. Oils are pure medicine, oils were used in the Bible, oils come from plants etc etc. But have you ever stopped to consider that not all plants are good for us and can in fact kill us if ingested. Lets have a look at few such plants, The Angels Trumpet…this shrub is beautiful, it’s exotic and adds beauty and structure to any garden, so how can something so beautiful be toxic? Well it is, the flowers are extremely toxic and will make you very sick and even cause death.

What about Water Hemlock, we don’t have that in Australia but it is deemed to be the most deadly in North America. A large wildflower in the carrot family and is sometimes confused with edible parsnips or celery. Water Hemlock is infused with a highly toxic chemical that will cause an unpleasant death.

Close-up of tobacco plants in Ontario, Canada. Tobacco, Nicotiana, cured leaves used after processing in various ways for smoking, snuffing, chewing, and extracting of nicotine.

Then we have Deadly Nightshade with it’s attractive sweet berries and flowers that will pack a massive poison punch that more than likely will result in death.

Deadly Nightshade - Expert advice on horse care and horse riding

So the fact that plants come from nature and oils come from plants really is not a good argument. Just because its from nature doesn’t mean it’s good for you to drink or use as medicine, so real caution needs to be applied when you are listening to non medical people telling you it’s ok to ingest essential oils. Trained aromatherapists will advise you against it, but then there are people in the medical profession that say it’s ok to do in small quantities. The thing that bugs me with that is, that over the course of 10 years, those smalls quantities have become very large quantities and boom, you’ve stuffed your liver.

There is always 2 sides to every story, there is a large Facebook group of women who took the advice of their MLM uplines instead of that of doctors, ingested oils daily and are now facing serious damage and medical issues. Of course this too is hearsay, but a lot of them have medical certificates to prove their claims. I don’t know, I am not having an opinion about any of those oil induced illnesses because it could land me in trouble but, with everything, do your own research into anything that has the potential to cause you risk. I once saw a young mother give her child a teaspoon of honey and 2 drops of lemon oil straight off the teaspoon, I nearly bloody died!

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Use your discretion, don’t just take a strangers word for it. My daughter was told to go off all her Crohns medication and just use oils, of course I told that particular upline where to put her oils, that was reckless advice and could have killed my daughter if she had’ve listened. I spoke to one of her specialists who said absolutely use oils to help with the emotional side of Crohns, use them as support on bad days but to ingest them would basically stuff the very expensive medication they had to fight to get her on! This is what I mean by taking notice of non-medical people, just don’t do it, if in doubt find a doctor or aromatherapist!

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