It’s All Over…..

So how did everyone fare this festive season? It probably has been the best yet toughest Christmas season I have endured. Everything went off without a hitch, the day was awesome, the kids were excited and loved all the presents, the food was great,(even if I do say so myself), I was organised and on time with everything, unlike all other years. Everyone was happy and it was just a lovely day. But..somehow..I still managed to feel like my head my literally explode right off my shoulders! I really hate feeling like this when there is nothing wrong. I want to feel blessed, not shit off, I want to feel happy not angry inside and that my eyes could literally burn holes in concrete. I really hate this side of menopause and do you know what it the really stupid thing… I do nothing to help myself. I eat all the wrong foods, forget to put my oils on, don’t drink enough water and definitely do not get enough sleep. I know what to do, yet I am too distracted or lazy to do it!

It’s New Years Eve today and we have made a new commitment to ourselves to eat better, eat less, drink more water, ditch the coke and do more exercise, especially me, I spend the days on the computer mostly. My hubby has a physical job being a farm manager but I just potter around here. I have also started ‘gaming’ as a form of communication and connection for families and am teaching others to do the same, that requires a lot of sit down time, so more exercise for me as of next week. We are going to be intentional about this and keep each other to account. I think that is the only way to get this done. I am pretty confident that things will start turning around for our health when we start acknowledging we have a problem with food. So, lets see how we go this time. Have you set any lifestyle changes for 2021? 2020 was such a crap show for a lot of people, do you have plans to try and make 2021 different?

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