RIP Your Majesty.

This is such a sad time. I feel really sad about this. I mean we all knew it was going to happen she was nearly 100, but it doesn’t make it any less sad. Just because they are the Royal family doesn’t mean they are not humans. I have seen some very disturbing comments about her death on social media and I wonder what on earth happened in those people’s lives for them to be so disrespectful, gross and bloody rude! We are breeding a generation of a#$%holes.

The royal family might not be for everyone and I know people think the Monarchy are no better than everyone else, um yes they are, they train for this, they have duties to fulfil, they are constantly in the service of the public, constantly being scrutinized by the all so knowing public, even their children are being watched like they are some sort of prey for the vultures that await. Imagine how bad that would suck, not even being able to literally scratch yourself in public because someone will have some dumb comment about it.

King Charles, yeah I am not a fan either and I am certainly not a fan of Camilla, but I feel like I need to give him a chance, he did actually have the best training under the best teacher in the world. Surely that will rub off. In Australia we are under British rule, which a lot of public comment is leaning towards us now becoming a Republic, like China, are these people mad?

I think those conversations will happen in time but today, we mourn the loss of a dear old lady who loved her family, babysat her grandchildren and ate jam sandwiches like the rest of us, it just so happens that this dear old lady was The Queen. RIP Your Majesty, you were loved by many.

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