Welcome to My Journey…..

I want to welcome you to this blog and my journey, not only with menopause but with Jesus and basically with life. I haven’t always been on the right path and I have made a right mess of things, but God came through for me just in the nick of time! My menopause journey has been shocking, I didn’t even know I was in peri menopause, actually, can I be honest and say I didn’t even know there was such a thing?! I am a little embarrassed to say that because as women shouldn’t we know everything about our bodies and every stage of development it goes through? Well I didn’t and still don’t to a certain degree.

I am not a doctor, preacher or teacher but I have some stories to share, tools to use and prayers to pray. I love to encourage women to be who God made them to be, I want to help those who can’t talk about their menopause journey, we all go through it, some worse than others, but we all go through it. I want to encourage those who have husbands who don’t understand and maybe help you GET them to understand. Those who belongs to churches that don’t allow free speech of their women, and yes they still exist, I want to help you break out of those chains and be free to ask for help. Menopause is not a sin, it’s a natural process of the female reproductive system so please if you need help ask for it.

I was a teen mum in a time when that was not as acceptable as it is now. I have had children my whole life, so much so that I didn’t have an identity of my own except mum and wifey. I have 7 grandchildren whom I adore, I have a big input into all their lives and I am very blessed to be able to say that. They annoy me and make me tired but I just would not be without them all. I am with the same man I was with at 15, we have 4 children one of whom is still at home, he is 15. Life was tricky to say the least but we made it through, these days we are at a deeper level in our relationship than just marriage, we are truly best friends, menopause has been tough for him, but he endures, it’s amazing what prayer does!

So ladies I hope I resonate with some of you, I hope I can be a safe place for you and I hope I can encourage you in this season of life. x

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