Working From Home….

So the world was forced into chaos with the releasing of this new virus/disease called COVID. Within a very short time, business had closed, jobs were lost and lives were changed forever, for the worst! This is a devastating blow to millions of people who may have worked their whole lives to finally secure that dream position in their company, or they may have just started a business, or they may have just got their first job after years in the unemployment rank. Now, it’s gone, some businesses may never re-open, some jobs will never again be available, all because of one little virus, that not only took thousands of lives but millions of livelihoods. What actually just happened to the world we knew? What actually happened to our freedoms, and choices? What are you going to do now? How are you going to feed your family? Pay the bills? I don’t want to sound harsh here but these are the tough, real life questions that need to be asked. How the hell are we going to survive?

I have only been back in the workforce for 6 months after 12 years away and my hours and income have been significantly reduced to almost nothing. I am one of the lucky ones, I have a husband who retained his job, as a farm manager he is essential, so we are fortunate, but it has still impacted our lives. Luckily I have other avenues that I can now fall back on and luckily they are all online businesses. One upon a time it was difficult to get seen on the webs, but not anymore, everyone has been forced to work from home, online, in the world we call virtual. It blows me away how quickly this happened and how unprepared we were for it.

So, what resources do you have? What are you skilled at? What can you offer people? What need can you fill? Find the answers to these and you are halfway there. Now is a good time to educate yourself into how things work online, learn how to monetize your skills online and you could quit possibly start making more money than you ever did in your job. Make this an opportunity not a curse, turn things around. I don’t have all the answers but I, like some of you, am going to chip away at this thing until I DO have all the answers that people want and need. Get to a quiet place and really think about what you can do and you will surprise yourself at how excited you will get. Follow those who have made it online, their lives completely changed forever. Find YOUR niche! x

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