Cryptocurrency…Exciting or No?

Wow the world of cryptocurrency is all a flutter at the moment from what I can see, especially yesterday when a coin that was made for a joke went berserk and made a lot of people a good amount of profit. I have been holding this coin for years, I had a few hundred thousand of it, of course I sold most of it last year, retained about $100 worth and of course yesterday that coin increased by over 700%!! I managed to buy another $1500 worth which made a tidy sum, however, I didn’t bank the money and today it’s all but lost half of it. I have still made a profit of $1500 which is still great for one day, imagine if I knew what I was doing! Today some of the other coins are having a go. I think it might be time to learn about cryptocurrency, what drives it, how to trade it etc instead of buggering around taking pot luck. I don’t pretend any of this will be easy and it certainly isn’t get rich quick, the first time I bought this coin that went nuts yesterday was about 4 years ago and it has done pretty much nothing in that time, so this is definitely long term stuff, but I think it’s the responsible thing to do for myself and the industry to actually get a clue LOL! I sold all my bitcoin last year as well when it was around $13k thinking it was going to drop further and I would lose our money, its now at A$45k, how annoyed was I! Anyway I think thats the luck of the draw when you dabble and don’t know what you are doing. I have joined a website called Cointelligence and they have free courses as well as paid ones. I am going to do them all. It will certainly be interesting!

Cryptocurrency for Beginners in 2021 - Teen Financial Freedom

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