I’m All Into Digital Stuff Now!

So getting back into crypto has really opened my eyes again to the world of technology. I started to dabble 4 years ago and didn’t have any money or a sound and clear mind to be honest, right in the midst of meno, and just bloody crazy really. Before that, was about 15 years ago when I was first introduced to bitcoin for 10 cents and told them to nick off with their damn scams, am I sorry now! So I have been interested in this space for a long time as I have said in a previous post I think.

I am now going to get into this seriously, I am looing around for an actual course to learn this industry property as there is a lot of money involved. So in the meantime I have been dabbling and it has been paying off. The thing with crypto is that its so volatile, you can buy in too early and pay too much but if you hold onto it you seem to make your money back, so it’s not like day trading where if you lose you bloody lose! There is so much stuff out there to make money and I am going to explore them all. At the moment I have this app on my phone called Bee, it’s a crypto mining app and you earn bee coin, I am not really sure how it works yet but I have it, my little bee mines in 24 hour increments and all I have to do is go tap on him when his time is up and he starts working again. Apparently you earn more when you make referrals so I don’t know yet, to me it’s worth a shot because it takes no effort. It doesn’t use up data or battery so there are no issues to the phone that I can see, the phone hasn’t been laggy and has worked the same as usual. The Bee token is listed on the exchange but not all of them have picked it up yet. It may be one to watch in the future who knows, I just know that my little bee works hard around the clock mining me little bee coins. You have to be referred so if anyone wants to give this a go use my referral code nan67.

I think as we move forward and covid keeps popping its ugly head in our faces we need to diversify into the online world. I have been trying to make handmade stuff and sell it and while that’s lucrative for a lot of women, for me, it has not been an easy road for me. I feel like I have been led to this technology world as it interests me greatly, I just have to figure out if I have the smarts and the brain power for it. I know it’s not going to be easy and there is a long road of study ahead but it’s exciting and will get you moving in the morning. I think for us old gals in menopause it will definitely exercise our brains lol! You are never too old to learn new things in an otherwise youth dominated world!

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