What Was I Thinking….

I know what I was thinking……this will be an easy way to make a quick buck……that’s what I was thinking and how stupid am I?! I have been mucking around in the crypto space for years, adding money here and there, making a profit and then selling it, but it definitely can’t be classified as trading because it was more ‘pot luck’. I have decided to learn to trade as mentioned in a previous post, so I have bought an expensive course and have started my crypto trading journey. My idea of trading was you buy when there are red candles and sell when they are green, logic right? Well there is a LOT more to it, so much so I don’t even know how to explain the ‘lot more to it’ because I don’t even understand half the words! What I do understand is “You WILL lost money”, excuse me what?…I am here to make my millions not lose money…..

What I have learned over the last couple of weeks of pretty intense day and night watching and learning from the pros, is, that investing in cryptocurrency is really a long term gig unless you are a professional trader and know what you are doing. There is a crap load of hype around at the moment about all the coins rising in value and a lot of millionaires have been made, but this crypto space has been around for years now. The other thing is blockchain, how many of us even know what this in? I am guessing less than half and I still don’t fully understand it but what I think I know is that this type of monetary system was devised to keep the sticky beaking governments out of our business, it’s stops them tracking everything we do, how we spend our money, where we go etc etc. I mean I think that is awesome, the blockchain and crypto have been developed for the people, not the corporation. What I have come to realise is this course isn’t going to be a quick one like I thought, there will be several of the videos I will have to keep rewinding and watching before the I grasp hold of the concepts and this could take me upwards of 6 months to complete. I tell you what though, I will not be playing with any of my money until I actually know what I am doing, unless it’s just investing which is our safest bet right now.

This first thing I really need to understand is reading the charts and knowing what the candles actually mean other than red means buy green means sell! Lets see how this menopause brain handles this callibre of study! I will keep you posted!

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