Back To Work I Go….

So I have been trying for the past goodness knows how many years to get some sort of online business started so I could make an income and help buy our own property. I have paid thousands of dollars with business coaches, especially one in particular who wears a lot of pink, and literally none of it has done any good at all. All that money, for no results, not little results NONE! I often wonder if I am the only one that goes through these coaching groups and boots camps and war rooms etc with NO results? Like literally NONE! I have tried just about everything and hang on, there is another boot camp to do at a cost of $50 on top of the $80 per month to be in the group, plus whatever else comes up argh! So I have been praying a LOT over the past few months for some direction and a second income. We are getting older now and borrowing money for a property will become increasingly difficult the longer we leave it. One income is good if you already own your own home but when you are our age, that’s getting tricky! (We were in what we thought was to be our own home for 18 years before we took this job on and moved, but that’s a whole other post that I will write at another time, trusting families isn’t always such a great idea!).

I had a random phone call quite out of the blue the other day from a man I used to do a lot of real estate work for. He was a developer and I was an agent. He now has his own office in our town and offered me a job. Real estate is the last place I wanted to have to go back to but I have learned over the years that when God opens a door you better walk through it or he will give that opportunity to someone else. I also know that He has a plan which I trust completely. So here I am going back to real estate in a really good office, work my own hours, get paid well and just do my thing! You can’t tell me God doesn’t exist! I start next week, so this week I have been getting myself organised around the house, sorting out meals that I can get done quickly when I get home, and trying to get motivated to lose weight because I don’t fit any of my bloody clothes! I know I started a diet a few weeks back but of course I failed again and am still fat lol! But I will just tell you I had a doc visit last week, she quite sternly told me to lose weight, I have high bloody pressure and I am getting older and it will be harder. She is checking on my progress in a month! It’s not that I am obese but it’s enough to cause me issues.

So meal planning this week to go back into full time work has included, buying a new crock pot or slow cooker, getting used to cooking quick easy meals and above all getting prepared and making sure I have all ingredients for each meal. I have been having a massive clean out in the house simplifying the structure of the house so I can easily whip around with he vacuum and give it a quick dust. It’s so amazing the amount of dust collecting crap I had accumulated! Trying to get myself used to going in to town every day has been a challenge, as has the heat, I don’t do well in the heat but thankfully we are heading into our winter season. Getting into a routine at home is paramount to me being successful at my job, going back into real estate and competing with some very good local agents is going to take a lot of work and commitment so my home needs to be peaceful and organised. The animals are a bit more of a challenge because there are so many of them but we are going to build pens for he dogs so hey can be contained while I am not at home.

To be completely honest today I feel like I have been given a death sentence LOL returning to work, totally disrupting my perfect little seclusive life, BUT, I am very conscious of the fact that many many people have lost businesses and jobs over the past 12 months thanks to the plandemic and I am very blessed to be at my age and offered a job! So today I focus on the blessing of going to work and not the cursing of it. God has a plan and I will stick with His plans because when I try and take over and do things my way I mess it up royally! Stay tuned for first week updates!

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