My First Week…..

So I have completed my first official week back in the 9 to 5 grind and while it was an easy transition back to real estate, transitioning back to full time work has been a big challenge. I am not one for sitting around an office looking like I am busy, I like to be out talking to people, dropping brochures and trying to drum up some business, so that is what I will hopefully be doing this week.

Our office is in our towns main street, so as you can imagine parking is total crap. I have to park miles away in an under cover car park so my car doesn’t sit in the sun all day, because yep, you guessed it, the heat is bloody intense at the moment and my car’s air con just crapped itself!! Argh!! Of all the time to drive an oven around! So the heat with menopause hot flashes has been one of the biggest challenges of the week. We also don’t have a kitchen in this office, OR a toilet! We have to walk to the nearest public gross!! Needless to say I hang on until I get home which is not playing well with my kidneys! I have learned this week not to drink anything but water, at least most of the water absorbs and doesn’t go through my body like coffee or coke! Oh and get this…….I am walking more, way more active, eating less and I PUT ON WEIGHT this week!! What the actual!!! I was so bummed on that!

So today is Monday, the start of a second week, hopefully this week will be better, not that the first week was bad, but I hope this week I can make more adjustments to my attitude of being back at work. The people I work with are amazing, I have worked with most of them before which was easy, we are fortunately a small office, and the boss doesn’t expect us to be hanging around all day which is also great. The other great thing is I have been able to take a diffuser in there and diffuse my oils!! A lot of places won’t let you do that because there will be that one person who can’t stand the smell and ruin it for the rest. Nope, not in my office, everyone loves them! I have been diffusing Young Living’s Citrus Fresh because citrus oils always uplift and make people happy!

While we are talking about Oils at Work let me tell you what else I have been using. I always carry my peppermint roller with me for hot flashes, nausea and just the heat in general. When I am getting too hot I just roll it on the back of my neck and as far across my shoulders as I can and within minutes it will give relief from the heat, you can literally feel it cooling your body so that oil is a must in my oil carry kit. I also have some Doterra Easy Air for when I get that sneaky little asthma cough that I get in air con, and being in public now I don’t wan people thinking I have stupid Covid, so Easy Air does the trick! Next I have Neroli roller because I use this as my perfume or PUREFUME as we like to say, I also have a Rose roller that I also use as purefume and the combination of the 2 oils is really subtle and lovely AND no chemicals to exacerbate my asthma and disrupt my endochrine system……on a winner! I also have some Young Living’s Grounding blend because it is an amazing blend and it is very effective against overwhelm and stress, I of course have my Young Living hand sanitiser and Doterra sanitising spray to spray the toilet if I must go! Effective use of oils while we work will help you get through the tricky times!

Overall the first week was pretty good, very tiring, annoying, hot and busy but I am very grateful that at my age I have been able to get a job at all! We have few job in our town and lots of unemployed so to be 53 and get a job is amazing! So I will put on my big girls duds and suck up with tiredness, no toilet, no kitchen, hot assed car and go do my job!

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