How Is Everyone?

Today I actually want to ask how my readers are? How is the covid situation where you are? How are you coping? How are your families? Has covid stolen from you?

I have a friend in the US that I have never met but we have been online friends for 9 years. She lost her son a year before my brother died and she was such a huge comfort to me during those rough times even though she was dealing with her own grief. A year after her son died her brother died also and yet she continued to serve others and be an inspiration to everyone around her. This year she lost her best friend, her soulmate, her husband and I can’t even imagine how she continues to carry on. She told me if it wasn’t for her faith she probably would have not lived through her sons death and Jesus is getting her through her husbands death. You see, when you trust Jesus with your life, you know this isn’t all there is, you are comforted in times of trouble and He will bring you a peace and understanding that no one else can. I tell you this story to bring you hope if you are feeling hopeless and strength when you are feeling weak. I know myself I have been feeling very weak lately but I know He is there encouraging me and bringing me that peace I so often speak about.

So, how you are today?

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