I Might Be Doing This Wrong?

So I was just reading an article on how to have a successful blog and one of the key areas was Know Your Niche…know who you are targeting, have a specific purpose, know where your target market needs help and don’t just post random content that comes into your mind O.O Oh dear, now I know why I don’t have thousands of followers, I am not specific enough and I ramble too much about stuff that has no purpose, it’s more like a diary than anything else. Well, damn, that has really knocked me back a bit, not that I thought my blog was a world beater or anything but I literally like my little piece of the web. Apparently I have way too many topics, I am not an authority on any one topic annnnnnnd basically I just suck LOL!

I think I have probably gone to far now to change it so for now it will remain my little peice of internet property full of ramblings and musings about nothing in particular. Have a great day everyone!

Categories: Life

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