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Well hasn’t the crypto gone to utter crap! One minute the candlesticks are green and climbing the next they are red and bomb diving straight to hell! I mean I know that’s how crypto works, but the understading of “how it works” to actually “seeing it work” are 2 different, sometimes devastating stories. We have lost many thousands, and that was causing me such anxiety to watch my money slip away, but I dusted myself off and though you know what, the value may not be there right now but I still have the tokens, they will recover again, and what a great time to buy more! That mindset was the only way I could save myself from going proper mental! So while everything is so low we have hatched a plan like so many other people, to buy a little bit more each week. It may take a few years to recover, but that’s ok, we have plenty of time!

So I have a hot tip to give you, well it could be a dumpster fire too, but right now it’s super new, only a few days old apparently, has a super low market cap and is super cheap. My son has friends who got into this on day 1 and have already made $10k which is a tidy little sum. I am going to buy some as soon as I can work out how to link my trust wallet to uniswap and do the transacation. The coin is $CPHX or CryptoPhoenix. You need a Metamask wallet to buy it and you can get it through Uniswap or straight from their website I think which I will link below. I wont be throwing much money at it and at this stage in the game you don’t have to which is good! I mean, no one exected Doge to do as well as it did and it nearly got to $1 earlier in the year!

Anyway just thought I would share how my crypto journey is going juuuuust in case anyone was interested!

Click HERE to go to the Crypto Phoenix website.

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