Gardening Is Great For The Soul

I gotta tell you that I am not awesomly happy these days. Working, menopause and all the things I feel like my soul & spirit are dying. This time last year I was busy in my vege garden growing the most amazing things, this year I am working 7 days a week and I am exhausted, sad and I have literally lost all my creativity, HOWEVER, I have gotten my vege garden up and going, and even though its not as pretty as last year, it’s still growing! I have started buying house plants and Fushias, which are the most beautiful plant. Typically I buy them every year and they die, but this year they are flourishing which I am super happy about. What I have found, is that when I have time to fiddle aroung repotting and planting new veges, and watering my plants I am completely at peace and am not thinking about anything else other than the plants. I de-stress totally and really enjoy myself.

These are my beetroot that I have growing in container gardens on the front verandah. They need deep rich soft soil so this was the easiest way to do that!
These 2 photos are newly planted and have Leeks and round Carrots in them which I thought would be fun for the grandkids!
A few of my beautiful fuschias. These are typically hard to grow but look how they are flourishing this year! Must be the right spot!

What I want to encourage you to do if you are feeling out of sorts, depressed, frustrated, lethargic or totally unmotivated by life, get into your garden, and if you don’t have a garden get some pot plants. Surround yourself with green beauty and a splash of color and you will seriously start to feel better about life. PLUS you could start taking cuttings and grow the plants out ready to sell, making yourself a little side hustle, it’s a win win and definitely worth your mental health!

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