Menopause and Faith…

What I have discovered is that menopause is not biased or racist, it doesn’t care what color your hair is or your skin, it doesn’t care if you are skinny or fat, a believer or non believer, it just doesn’t care, it is going to try and destroy your soul and suck the life right out of you. What I have discovered is that menopause doesn’t care what time of the day it is, what season it is, where you are, who’s birthday party you are at or even if you are shopping, it will strike when if feels like it and there is nothing you can do. Menopause doesn’t care if it ruins relationships, it doesn’t care if you are left alone, or if the very people you used to love now keep you at arms length, it just doesn’t care! What we need more than anything is a plan of attack, a full body armor to hit back when it opens fire, and we need to be ever on our guard and recognize when it’s front row is about to strike.

This may sound very dramatic, but to some women menopause is like going in to battle with terrorists, the odds are stacked against you! But among it all there is a slight glimmer of hope that one of these days you will win the war and life will return to normal. To some that is a distant dream, but we need to stand up and fight if we are even in with a chance. This demon menopause will destroy your marriage, your kids, your friends and your work colleagues if you let it. It uses it’s closest ally…your emotions as it’s primary weapon of choice and it strikes when you least expect it.

What can we do? I for one have prayed a LOT through my menopause journey, if you aren’t a praying person then meditation would be ideal for you. Sit still, calm your mind and really think about the good things in life, and it’s not going to be easy because everything looks like crap! I have used certain blends of essential oils that have been an amazing support through these tough times. I have also used food as a crutch but I really don’t recommend this, it just starts bad eating choices that you will associate with your emotions and a whole different cycle of crap will begin. If you have a garden spend some time out there, if you have the ability to grow vegetables it is one of the most satisfying things to do to a stressed out menpausal women, to water and weed the food she is growing, or if you have flowers in pots or lants in pots spend some time watering them, nurturing them and your focus will soon turn from how crap things look to how good nature is. Going for a walk is another area that I don’t do near enough of and I should, it makes me unwind, it makes me clear my mind and it makes me breathe deeper and relax into my surroundings.

These are just a few things I do to try and calm things down. I don’t take medication and haven’t needed to. Everyone is different and while symptoms are basically the same, the emotions and outcomes can be very different. Just know there are so many other women going through the same thing, you are definitely not alone in this journey!

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