The Vaccination Debate

Far out I am getting sick of hearing about these bloody vaccines! Yes I got the jab as did my whole family and do you know why? Because in Australia our government has just mandated that unvaccinated people witll be refused entry and treatment to hospitals, (and numerous other venues that I don’t really care about), HOWEVER, with a chronically ill child that needs infusions every 6 weeks to keep her alive, we were forced into getting it.

The thing that pissed me off the most about this is we NOW have no choice in the matter. These dictatorship governments are taking that away from people and I can well understand all the protests and ‘gatherings’ about this, trouble is the governments don’t give a crap about any of us so these protests fall on deaf ears. I know that I haven’t been put here to be taken out by a stupid vaccine, so I am not worried about long terms effects and you know what else is interesting?…the vaccines we have just had are not effective against all these other strains that are coming out. What a load of shit! And what’s the go with all these boosters?

How in the world is this possible, in this day and age that we do NOT have a choice about the type of toxic crap that is going into out bodies? How did it get to the point that the government now control what we can or can’t do with our own bodies? What the hell is that crap! I’ve been pretty silent about this because it’s not worth the arguments this topic causes and while I am not agaisnt vaccines, (they have saved a lot of children over the years), I am against this one. The fact that we are having freedoms taken away so the governments of this world can force their own grubby agendas is a massive red flag on it’s own! There are still so many people out there that truly believe the governments care about us and want to help us, what are they thinking? When governments tell businesses to refuse entry to the unvaccinated you have to start thinkging what the frig is going on here? Businesses are doing it tough already and now they have to turn customers away? Where’s the bloody logic in that? This whole thing is very disjointed when you can’t go to a hpsital but you can still go to a brothel uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm WHAT?!

This is a condensed version of my thoughts on this matter however unpopular they are!

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