The End is Nigh….

Well the end of the year at least! It’s been a heck of a year and here we are once again reflecting on the year that was, and hoping to make the same big changes that we said we would make this time last year. For me the biggest change was going back to work, which, this time last year I had not even contemplated. I was still tinkering around online trying to make a thousand things work but none of them did.

Working full time again after a 10 year break, in your 50’s has been super tough, especially as I continue to navigate menopause and try and stay sane. This time, I don’t have cigarettes to fall back on when I get stressed like I did 10 years ago. This time I am not as fit as I used to be, well actually I am fat now lol! Trying to do this job in this bloody Australian heat when you are fat is just not a good idea! So once again I make this promise to myself to lose some bloody weight! We will see how that goes!

As it was this time last year, we still don’t have our own place, we are still in this little brick jail that we call home for now, but we are still on this amazingly beautiful farm. We are very blessed and many would kill for a job like this!

As it was this time last year we still have a child that is sick. She’s had a very difficult year developing more auto immune disorders, having to move house and trying to keep everything together, it’s not an easy road.

As it was this time last year a certain virus is still causing mayhem. Omicron is now the new face of Covid, what will the next one be? Who even comes up with these names? Now it’s going around like wildfire, the government can’t even keep up with the cases, or can they? Hmmmmm sounds very fishy to me all this. But whatever we think, they have forced all this crap on to us, we can’t get treatment at hospitals unless we are double vaxxed, we can’t eat at cafes or pubs etc, we can’t do this and we can’t do that, what happened to the free world?

I have decided the things to get through for me next year will be, to be kinder, to be happier, to have a merry heart, to read more scripture, to pray more for those who don’t have anyone to pray for them, to read more, to work hard and to not worry about what is going on around me because worrying will not stop one single thing.

Happy New Year everyone!

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