No Medicine….

So during this chaos that we have been living the past week, one of my granddaughters got really ill. It wasn’t covid because my daughter had tests at home, but she was really ill. They were stuck by floodwaters, couldn’t get to shops, couldn’t get to town. She had some medicine at home but was running out fast and she couldn’t get the fever down regardless of what she tried. Fortunately she had some essential oils still from when she was a rep, so I told her to put a drop of Peppermint oil on the soles of her feet. Within minutes my grand daughters temp had dropped 2 degrees and she began feeling better. This has been the recurring treament over the last 24 hours which seems to have worked because she is a lot better today.

My point with this post is, that as usual, I got to thinking. What is going to happen in the future when/if things get really bad, like proper bad. Our town at the moment is running out of fuel, water, power and food, and that was just from a flood. What happens if a major catastrophe happens and we can’t afford medicine, or food or fuel? What happens when the kids get sick but you can’t get anywhere because it’s too dangerous? Yes I know it sounds like doomsday stuff but as a believer in Christ and the Bible I do believe the future, at some point, will get appocalyptic. But even in a crisis like we, and half of the eastern coast of Australia is going through now, what do we do for medicine? I believe even in non appocalyptic times meds are going to get that expensive people won’t be able to afford them. I mean people are financially stressed now and families are struggling. I think we need to get stocks up, learn how to grow food, learn what herbs to have in the garden for different things, seed save, get a stock of essential oils, learn how to make bread etc etc. I think this is my new mission in life, to learn how to homestead properly (as time permits) learn how to do things on a very small budget because I have been there, but didn’t know how to do anything really. I think everyone needs a stock of essential oils in their house, you need very little, they are effective and they have a shelf life of years if looked after property. What medicine does that? Yes they are expensive to start with but well worth the investment. Had my daughter not had that peppermint oil who knows how high her temp would have gotten.

So while a lot of people have been put off by natural therapies and essential oils because of mlm companies, the actual products are really something eveyone should have especially in an emergency situation. Start stocking up now, make sure you buy 100% pure from a reputable company. Do not buy from the chemist or gorcery store no matter what the label says! I’ll list a few companies below and you can make your own decisions who to use, I am only affiliated with Doterra but I do buy from a local company here in Australia as well!

Rocky Mountain Oils


Ahisma Essential Oils – Australia

Tisserand – UK

Plant Therapy

Edens Garden

These are a few of the different companies I have used and really liked. I typically buy from Australian companies now because postage is quicker and, you know, support local and all that!

We are also going to start stocking up on water, if power goes out, which it has in many parts of our region, we can’t pump water, so bottled water is another thing we are going to start stockpiling and tin food, the usual stuff people stock pile. If this has taught us anything it is to be prepared in all situations. We are also discussing buying a generator so we can still run fridges and not lose food and we bought a little gas camping stove today and a kettle so we can at least boil water.

We will gradually get some gear together so we are prepared, I mean it’s better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it right?

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