Time To Suck It Up And Walk….

Yesterday my hubs and I went on a sort of long walk, well it’s long for me anyway. We took 6 of the dogs and headed up the hill where I usually go but instead of turning around and coming back we kept going! This farm is really big, it’s 3kms from one end to the other, so we have plenty of places to go and still be on our own land. We headed to the creek so the dogs could have a swim and they just loved it.

So, what does walking do for you, other than exercise, it improves your overall health, improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens your bones, reduces body fat and boosts your muscle power and endurance. Mentally, it improves self-perception, self esteem, mood and sleep quality and it reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue, I have to say that my head felt clear and refreshed as we walked. It was a great bonding time for me and hubs because at the moment we don’t have a lot of time together and menopause makes me want to get away from him. Walking was so good for my mind, body, soul and reconnecting with hubby! I recommend trying it if you can, some fresh air will work wonders and the dogs loved it too!

The Mental Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors | Challenge the Storm

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