No Stamina, No Gain, No Glory

Well once again I have failed at yet another diet and have gone back to my old eating habits over the past 5 days. The difference is I am not eating store bought but making everything from scratch. It gives me some sort of false security that because I am making food myself that it must be healthy right?! I just couldn’t do those headaches any longer and the fatigue on top of my already fatigued menopause self I was barely functioning and I am trying to work, start my own business and sew lol, so dieting on top of all that just wasn’t working. It’s lucky I don’t have a very big community over on Facebook so no one was actually following me LOL, gee it’s hard to build a following on the socials! Anyway, I wanted to be honest about this, I didn’t want to blog about dieting and how great I was going when I wasn’t. It really is hard to sift through the crap to get to the truth on some sites! I am going to start walking again next week and start up my supplements again, because I do feel like my sleep was improving ever so slightly and I was getting a teeny bit of clarity in the ol brain so that is worth drinking those gross smoothies for! I am going to be very intentional about portion size of meals, sugar intake and getting enough greens in my diet. That’s about all that I can manage right now, if I get that right then I might be able to move on to more streamlined dieting but until then, back to homemade not store bought!

So I had no stamina, I did gain weight lol and God still gets all the Glory regardless of my failings!

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