Are You Ageing Well?

I’m not! I am really protesting about this. You know it didn’t seem that long ago I was pretty good, tight skin, thin, energetic, vibrant, professional and I had the most amazing hair. It wasn’t that long ago, I’m sure it wasn’t. It is like I woke up one day and this old person had hijacked my body, stolen my youth and replaced everything with wrinkles, grey and sag. What on earth!

Truth be known that our days are short, life goes by really quickly and if we don’t pay attention she will leave us in a big heap well behind her. Beauty is only for a time, perky boobs, nice legs and perfect complexion are all part of the outer version of ourselves, they don’t matter in the big scheme of things because we ALL age, we ALL get wrinkles and sag, we ALL change from one life to another, it’s how we deal with this transition that will define us. Being kind is what we should be more concerned about, being empathetic, compassionate and loving toward each other regardless of what we look like is what we should prioritize. Not losing our heart is more important than losing our looks. Still, even as I look at myself in the mirror and navigate the map of life around my eyes and the highway of greys in my hair I can’t help wanting some botox! We are Christian women but we are women, women who like to look nice, women who are embarrassed to leave the house in fear of running into someone we knew from our youth, fear of our clothes looking like crap because we have that extra weight, fear of coughing (ladies you know this problem), Fear of, fear of, fear of……..

As we look to The Word for guidance we remember the scripture “God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind”. Every time we look at ourselves we need to see what this body has done, what it has endured, what is has produced. This body, this vessel has served us well and it’s battle weary, we should be proud of every wrinkle and grey hair because without them we have no story, without them there is no stamp on the life we have fought tooth and nail for. This body is not to be feared, it is a powerhouse of memories, stories and life.

I am trying hard to not be so sensitive about this old woman who is emerging in front of me, I am going to put a dye in my hair next week to cover the greys but I am going to work on my mindset of gratitude for this body that has endured and still holds me up! How are you dealing with ageing?

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