I Have To Confess…I Cheated

And not in the sense of the word that most people automatically think, NO I did not cheat on my husband but I did cheat on myself!

Weekends are usually pretty chill for us, when hubby isn’t working that is. We usually sit out in our bbq area, have a cuppa and soak up our view, the peace and quiet, and enjoy another weeks end. No machines, no tractors, no people, just us! We usually make our way to town to grab the dog food for the week, any groceries that need topping up, and we always go to our local Bunnings to look at the plants and grab a coffee and cake. We do this every weekend without fail. This weekend however, we didn’t do that because of this diet we are trying to stick to so we went to town and got what we needed and came home, had coffee at home, no cake or sweets and in doing so saved some money and didn’t break my diet…HOWEVER, Today, was a different story with me getting up early, trying to get some bags made and my moods elevating by the minute. Of course my husband always wanting to make things better, decided to go and get my favorite chicken curry pie and chips for lunch. I ate it all without hesitation because I was feeling so crap about everything and as soon as I did I had instant regret. After a week of not eating any rubbish at all, actually didn’t eat too much in general, but it seems my stomach is not as tolerant of junk food as it once was. Instantly after I had finished eating I was in the toilet in terrible pain, a little TMI (too much information) I know! What is showed me though, that the week I had just endured and felt like I was getting nowhere, was actually doing something on the inside, not visible to me. It is sorting out my 37 years of abuse and that is going to take some time.

So with that being said, I charge head on into another week, knowing that all this pain and suffering (cravings) is worth it to my body and the cute pair of jeans I am going to buy at the end of this LOL! You can’t expect to get well within weeks, I feel like this is going to be a long journey but one that I am more and more prepared to undertake each day. Each day the smoothies get easier and not eating fatty & sugary foods gets easier. If you are on this journey too, stick with it, because if this addictive personality can do it…SO.CAN.YOU! I am in your corner cheering you on!

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