I Told You This Works!!

What is it about kids automatically not believing a word their parents say? It’s like it’s a pre-requisite of being a child, mum says one thing I will do another because she seriously does not know me or know what she is talking about me………..sounds about right mums?

So, my eldest daughter who is 34 has really bad monthly cycles, a week before, she transforms into a literal other person, she is fully convinced her husband doesn’t go to work but goes to be with his ‘other’ family that he has on the side, among several other crazy crap that goes on for her. I mean seriously, this is really bad for women who suffer like this, and the mental state of their brains just cannot decipher their real lives from the ones they have made up in their heads. Mental health surrounding this time of the month probably should be looked at a bit more closer than it is, because how many suicides or murders have been because of severs PMS? I’m not even kidding. Anyhoooo, I have been telling her for months to get Doterra’s Clary Calm because it literally got me through peri menopause, it really did. It interacts with our bodies in such a way that it gives our brains some time out, puts those crazy thoughts and moods into the naughty corner and gives us time to think about how to cope with our situations rationally. Of course she didn’t listen to me and last month she came and spoke to me about how bad she feels at that time of the month, how she doesn’t want to live and all the dreadful things that she thinks. Of course my first port of call is prayer and the I back that up with CLARYCALM!! I ended up just buying it for her and making her use it. Well guess what? She messaged me 2 days ago and said ” Yes I know I know, you were right and I was wrong but Holy Shit how good is ClaryCalm! She said she hasn’t had any disturbance in her moods, she felt calm, she is happy and she can’t believe she didn’t believe me!

The moral of this story, ALWAYS listen to your mother, and ALWAYS us ClaryCalm, you will be amazed at how well it works!

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