How Scent Affects Us…

Our sense of smell is one of our bodies most powerful tools & the strongest of our 5 senses. It helps us identify taste, it helps us ward off danger, it helps us recall past experiences good or bad, it helps us feel comfort or discomfort, it helps our moods and it helps our performance on a daily basis.

Different smells affect us in different ways. I can remember my grandmother distinctly from the hand cream (lanolin) she wore, it was always a comfort to me, I loved my grandmother dearly, to this day I cannot find that same hand cream. When we were young we can remember bad experiences dating by an aroma that was present at the same time, we can also remember the first time our husband kissed us by the environment we were in including the smell of his aftershave. My big thing with my hubby was his clothes always smelled clean, his mum used good washing powder and I, to this day, love our clothes smelling good and use good washing powder (we were only 15 & 17 when we got together, now 55 & 57). Smells can also recall really bad experiences in our lives.

Why does this happen in Leymans terms without getting too technical..We have a system in our nasal cavaties called the Olfactory system which has a direct link to the limbic system which is where our memories and emotions are stored. When we smell an aroma it triggers a negative or positive response in us depending on the association of the aroma. This is why if you have never smelled a certain essential oil it’s a really good idea to be in a good mood, in a good place on a good day before you smell it. Anything negative will be stamped into your brain and associate with the oil you just smelled. I hope that makes sense.

This is why essential oils are so effective with emotional issues if you have had a positive experience with their use. The association of a pleasant smell will calm you down, take the edge off and then the chemical constituent of the oil will do the rest. Each drop of oil is a pocket of possibilities, you just need to learn how to use them properly right from the start. Most essential oils are used for emotions and they are very effective. I would have had a way harder time through menopause if I didn’t have my oils to fall back on. Essential oils are complentary medicines, which work side by side with western medicine. They are by no means meant to replace western medicine as a lot of people teach these days.

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