Dress for Success..

I have made the grave mistake of thinking just because I am now middle aged that I don’t need to look as polished as I once did. I am not competing with the younger crowd, my experience and knowledge should get me through. I am starting to think that mindset is more like lazy and crazy thinking.

I used to dress very well for work, I was polished and very professional, but these days, now in my mid 50’s, I dress for comfort regardless of what it looks like. Don’t get me wrong I still wear a uniform, but I mix and match it to suit me and my current lifestyle. I wear jeans now instead of pants, I wear a messy plait to accomodate my hat when I go out, I wear work boots instead of heels, which are way more comfortable on my feet than pumps. It does fit the line of work I do though, I am a rural sales agent so I mean I look just that, however, I still need to be mindful of my appearance because women have a hard enough time in the market place let alone if they look a bit shabby.

My daughter said to me the other day, “Mum you are going to have to start wearing perfume again and not those oils, people are really drawn to women who smell good”, of course I am not going to do that because toxic perfume that close to my respiratory system is not a grand idea for an asthmatic but isn’t it interesting that the perception of how you smell can be a driving force in how someone interacts with you WHICH is exactly in line with essential oil use!

I usually wear makeup but I am very casual with how much I wear. Foundation makes my face sweat in summer so I just wear a light powder, I don’t wear eye shadow because I cant be bothered with it so I just wear an eyeliner which is becoming increasingly difficult to put on because I can’t see well without my glasses so it goes everywhere!!

You know when I am on the farm I don’t have to worry about any of that stuff, I can just be myself, wearing comfortable clothes and work hard, but as soon as you get into the public eye that all has to change. I get it, but it’s annoying! So in a bid to keep earning an income I guess I better “dress up” and dress for success!

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