What Am I Going To Write About?……

Hmmmmmmm. I’ve been sitting here staring out the window wondering what thoughts I have rattling around in my head that I want to share. There are so many of them and today, nothing is making sense. I am so tired I can barely function today, chasing the elusive dream of having our own property means I have to work 7 days a week because real estate is so lucrative at the moment that it’s literally the only industry that I can do that will make decent money. Thing is, none of it is going to savings at this stage, thousands are going out to our children to help them, and hundreds have gone to my mother. Bills are coming in, marketing to pay for it just never ends but I do have to say that I am so very grateful that I can afford to pay for it all. I feel like all my eggs are going into this real estate basket and it will come crashing down, it has to, the madness has to stop sooner or later. I have just taken on a mangement dept as well and trying to sort that out as my own company while still manitaining my job is quite the challenge. It sounds better than it is, I am not making anywhere near 5 or 6 figures, but starting a company is a way of avoiding tax.

Has anyone noticed how expensive food is, if you can get it of course. Our major chain stores have complete lines of food especially meat that is in short supply. Toilet paper is again ridiculous and prices have skyrocketed! I don’t know how they expect the average income earner to pay for rent, fuel, power AND food, let alone clothes for the kids, school supplies, shoes and the basic necessities in life. I mean, we were there in the position when our kids were little, I remember having to use bread packets to wrap their lunches because we didn’t have any cling film, and we lived on noodles, eggs and cheese. I remember those days vividly so I can only imagine the stress people are going through now.

Changing the subject again….what are you grateful for? I have found lately that when I am getting super stressed and bitching about having to work in my mid 50s and why we don’t have things like other people, and why we aren’t rich I am prompted to remember all the things we DO have and be grateful for them. Name them out loud and your preceptions soon change. When you get out of your own head situations change. I am reading this amazing book called Think and Grow Rich by Naploean Hill. Half way through and my mindset has changed and so did a lot of my financial problems. It’s so crazy that we brush these people off as crack pots but are we blocking our own blessings by being ignorant, I think yes!

So to finish this crazy journal/blog entry I have been contemplating this question as I look for a side hustle for when real estate drops…”what industry can I do something in, that people will need, when money starts becoming scarce?” Do any of you have any ideas?

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for listening to my all over the placeness…..x

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