Catastrophe In Our Small Town

Well the last week has bought us some very unrepentant rain fall that has just smashed our region and many others south of us. The rain fell in sheets rather than drops and it fell for days. To think of Noah dealing with this for 40 days and 40 nights gives testament to his strong character as the world around him started to flood and things started to die. I am pretty sure I would not be able to see that, but then again God did instruct him to lock themselves in until he was instructed otherwise, this could well have been for their own protection and to spare them the horror of what would have been going on as animals and humans drowned. Well this has just happened in our small town only not to the scale of the whole world drowning but just our small town being completely submerged. I mean we live in a flood proned area, the town floods every 10 years or so but THIS particular flood was the largest flood in living memory!! Things flooded that no one has ever seen flood, property that you would think safe, was not. Our entire main street was inundated with only roofs sticking out of the water. Animals were being washed away becasue high ground was no longer safe, as the river swelled high became low. My daughter lost 48 head of cattle that were washed down the river, again, the cattle were put in a high paddock, but the water didn’t stop rising! We have found most of them being washed up all over town, thankfully alive, but they are everywhere, it’s going to be a mission to locate them all and truck them home. People’s homes have been inundated, homes that have never seen a flood are now under water. The town is now on high alert as it runs out of food, fuel, water, power and phone. We are totally isolated. There are people stranded on highways, travellers, truckers, nothing but the clohtes on their backs, no food, no blankets and a lot of cases no money.

Our amazing community have all banded together to help these strangers, invite them into their homes, feed them, clothe them, for what? For the good of mankind. To remind us there are still good people in the world, and boy they come out in a crisis! People are doing what needs to be done in order to save lives, human and beast. Our farm fared really well, the roads are a mess and one of them collapsed altogether so we can’t use that entrance but it’s nothing compared to the devastation people are waking to every day.

So as the waters recede the clean up begins, mountains of mud will have to be washed away, offices cleaned, power restored, lives restored. Can we recover from the catsrophe? Of course we can. Humans were built tough, they were built to endure and that’s exactly what we will do!

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